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Comic #90

goatman_btsOriginal Sketch

At first I had no Idea if I was capable of drawing a Goat-Man hybrid. I’m pretty happy with the final product and that I was able to replicate it in the actual comic. That is always my fear – I draw something I like but can’t reproduce it.

Some of you may notice the joke is very similar to one that appears in one of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons – The Springfield Files. The end product is a melding of that joke and me actually thinking about wanting to stop taking my meds.

90Final Comic

Comic #93

dog_btsOriginal Sketch

Without fail, any time someone says, “I love ________.” I will always say, Well why don’t you MARRY it then! In retrospect I feel like what the dog says is better in my original idea

Final Comic

Comic #94

knife_btsOriginal Sketch

I was watching a movie when I saw this happen. I loudly exclaimed, “Who the fuck takes just one knife!” I think the tongs are a nice touch.

Final Comic

Comic #95

fireball_btsOriginal Sketch

At the time of writing this, this has been my most popular comic to date. I think the joke is really strong. It actually follows my preferred format with my comics – A joke followed by a joke. First of all is the pun or double entendre. Then the unexpected at the end.

Final Comic

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