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Comic #98

Original Sketch

The original sketch and final comic ended up quite different to each other. To be completely transparent, I think both versions are terrible and could have been pulled off better.

Final Comic

Comic #97


Original Sketch

You may not know this about me, but I really like Nintendo. You could say my excitement for Super Mario Maker 2 pre-release was quite high. I wanted to make a comic about a terrible, horrendous death stage, with Mario being fed up with this life. Instead I went for the self-realisation of him being a human controlled video game character.

Final Comic

Comic #107


Original Sketch

I always liked the idea of cats being able to see ghosts when people can’t. Whenever my cat is staring fixedly at apparent;y nothing, like many people, I say she’s staring at a ghost. Of course, there have been comics about cats seeing ghosts, so I figured I’d flip it on it’s head.

Final Comic

Comic #113


Original Sketch

Funny story. I did this comic at pretty much the anniversary of my dad’s death without even realising it.

Final Comic

Comic #114


Original Sketch

This comic pretty much ended up exactly how I originally envisioned it, except for the last panel. I figured I’d keep it all within the confines of the phone screen, as just having the nurse without the hospital room was enough to see the joke.


Final Comic

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