Piff The Magic Dragon Comic Bonus Stuff!

Hi there!
This is the behind the scenes look at the Piff The Magic Dragon comic I’m working on. If you don’t know who Piff The Magic Dragon is, I recommend giving him a quick search on YouTube. The short of it is, Piff is a comedy magician, who headlines at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This all came about because I wanted to draw Piff in the style of my comic, Not So Good At This. This was the result:

I posted it on twitter, where Piff saw it and liked it. I mused about whether or not I should make it into a comic series and Piff commented “You have my full support!”

As a Patron you have gained not just an early look at every Piff comic, but also access to this behind the scenes stuff! Pretty awesome, yo?

Not much has been done yet, but here is a look at some of the characters; Piff, Jade and Francis.


This is Piff. Don’t think for a second that he’s just some regular John in a lizard costume. He is, in fact, a genuine mythical creature. Unfortunately I didn’t keep any early sketches I did for Piff.

Miss Jade Simone

This is Miss Jade Simone. She is a Showgirl who works as Piff’s assistant. But she is more than just an assistant. She brings a whole new level of fun, comedy and jump-splits to the show! Also, in real life, Piff and Jade are a couple. That’s right, they do all that smoochy stuff together. I assume.

Readers of Not So Good At This may notice I based the sketch around a character from another of my comics. I took the base and added onto it. I think this turned out better than I expected.

Francis the Squire

Francis is Piff’s humble Squire. He is there to do what all good squires do, which is anything that their master asks them to do. He is usually found holding a trumpet or a lute, introducing Piff with a strange accent from a (maybe not so) far away land. Some people think he looks more like a Brett than a Francis. In real life, Piff and Francis are not a couple. They don’t do all that smoochy stuff together. I assume.

Mr Piffles

Mr. Piffles is not only Piff’s furry companion, he is also the world only magic performing chihuahua. Also known as “The Dog Who Knows” Mr Piffles is really the one who does all the heavy lifting in this big Vegas magic show. Also note, Mr. Piffles is not a genuine mythical creature. He’s just wearing a dragon costume.